LORADO TAFT. The Elusuve Lady


I've photographed Lorado Taft's FOUNTAIN OF THE GREAT LAKES (1907-1913) in the South Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago more times than I can count. In light and in shadow. I think I've found the others, but Lady Superior has remained elusive. She is badly damaged. And looking downward, her face never sees full light.

It seems to me that Taft would not have short-sheeted the most important character of his composition. And, indeed, I believe he has not.

Her eyes are gently, serenely, closed. Her mouth turns slightly downward. But not in sadness. There is some determination here. Perfect confidence. And she is beautiful .
In a moment she will awaken. Smiling fully. Freely pouring water in abundance. To the end of time.

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