NELLIE WALKER. The Eagle's Nest

Nellie Walker and Leonard Crunelle finished Lorado Taft's Heald Square Monument near Wacker and Wabash after Taft's death. Leonard Crunelle has an important list of work to his credit. Nellie Walker is known for being a member of Taft's Midway Studio. Below is Walker's maquette for Chief Keokuk. She created this work at the Eagle's Nest. It is on display at the Oregon Public Library.

Note the expressive face. We may owe more to Ms Walker for the Heald monument than we know.

TRIBUNE TOWER. Rene Chambellan

New York Architects, Howells and Hood, won the 1922 Tribune Tower Competition, submitting the "MOST BEAUTIFUL OFFICE BUILDING IN THE WORLD." Below are two allegorical sculptures by Rene Chambellan that reside above the front entrance. "News" and "Rumor"

Chambellan's sculpture here is extensive. And it is "good stuff" (althought the word "BEAUTIFUL" may not apply). It hard to believe, though, that this is the same artist who worked on Rockefeller Center not so many years later, again, with Howells and Hood.


Father Time watches over Heald Square from his vantage point on top of the Jewelers Building Clock.

Marshall Field & Company's clock at State and Randolph is one fine clock. But it's not the only clock in town. The Jewelers' Building Clock at the corner of Wabash and Wacker commands its share of the attention too. Somehow this clock manages to compete with the Jewelers Building by Architects Thielbar & Fugard and Giaver & Dinkelberg, its four rooftop temples, and a dome fit for Helmut Jahn -- and come out an unforgettable equal.


Bela Lyon Pratt sculpted Nathan Hale between 1908 and 1912. The Chicago Tribune purchased this casting in 1940. I've always particularly liked this work. And thought that the casting was very good. But I could never have guessed how close to life Nathan Hale might come, in this morning's reflected light.

Bela Lyon Pratt was no stranger to Chicago. After attending the Ecole des Beaux Arts, he was a contributer to the Chicago's Columbian Exposition of 1893, working closely with August St. Gaudens.

MARSHALL FIELD CLOCK. Sculpture. Art. Architecture

More views of the Peirce Anderson's clock at State and Randolph. Note the highly creative implementation of a traditional Beaux Arts motif. See more at the previous post.

Life's not all Sculpture and Architecture. Take a look at photographs of the Chicago Air and Water Show posted at CHICAGO ARCHITECTURE IN THE LOOP.


Turn of the Century Architecture (that's the turn of the last century) blurs the lines of Architecture, Ornament, and Sculpture. The Marshall Field Clock, designed by Peirce Anderson in 1902 is a perfect example.

I'll say this is "Sculpture."
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