I will be on vacation through July 5.

Sculpture in Chicago is under-noticed and under appreciated.  I am always amazed at the lack of information available about even our most notable work.  So I am particularly glad to be able to recommend the blog PUBLIC ART IN CHICAGO.  Take the time to explore this continuously updated resource.  Link HERE.

Another favorite site is the Augustus Saint Gaudens site posted by the National Park Service.  Link HERE.  We're lucky enough to have both Standing and Seated Lincolns in Chicago.

A new local website is dedicated to Hermon Atkins MacNeil.  Link HERE.  PUBLIC ART IN CHICAGO also posts MacNeil.  Link HERE.  CHICAGO SCULPTURE in the Loop has also posted MacNeil with an emphasis on the Marquette Building. (What a great building!)  Link HERE.  The more the better..... and I look forward to more.

Enjoy.  I'll be anxious to be back, I'm sure, come the sixth of July. 

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