CHARLES ATWOOD. Sculptural Collaboration

Late 19th and early 20th Century Architects collaborated with Sculptors to produce a "Building."  Sullivan worked with Bock and Schneider.  Wright with Ianelli.  Peirce Anderson with Henry Hering.  And Charles Atwood worked with Phillip Martiny and his young assistant, Henry Hering at the Fine Arts Building at the Columbian Exposition.  The work below (now at the Museum of Science and Industry) is a  replacement of the original -- albeit a good one.  Hering was given the replacement commission (in his own right)  in the late "teens.

Although ornament and sculptures' place in construction has gone through a radical transformation, it is still a collaboration of Architect and Sculptor that can produce memorable art. 

William Hartmann and Pablo Picasso come to mind... (along the first Mayor Daley).

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