IVAN MESTROVIC. February Diversion.

Ivan Mestrovic's Native American Horsemen in Grant Park have been Chicago Landmarks since the day they were installed in 1928. Mestrovic was no stranger to Chicago. He taught at the University of Notre Dame from 1955 until his death in 1962. Today's post is a pictoral comparison (without comment) of his 1928 "The Spearman and The Bowman" and his 1941 "Pieta" now located in the Basilica of Notre Dame. I photographed the "Pieta" yesterday.... My February Diversion -- and what a great day it was. 

I highly recommend the Snite Museum on the Notre Dame Campus. Beside the hoped-for Mestrovics, of personal interest, were two Richard Howard Hunts, a couple of Rodins, a fine collection of early nineteenth century sculpture and a Steichen tonalist painting.  There's also a Piranesi exhibit --- what's not to like?

1928 was a busy year on Michigan Avenue.  Work was also underway on Henry Hering's Bridge Tower Sculpture "Defense" and "Regeneration,"  the subject of our previous and next post.


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  1. Amazing images and striking similarities. Excellent way of putting them together. The pictorial comparison is sharp even without comment, though your text is always interesting too.

    I would add, I have seen so many photographs of the Bowman and Spearman, but these are by far superior. They really raise the standard of photography and take it to a higher level. Personally I have never really "noticed" the facial expression of these Native Americans and now I feel I need to take another look, despite seeing them so many times.