HENRY HERING. Regeneration. Men at Work

With the Allegory of Regeneration explained (See Previous Post) and the clear knowledge that Mrs. Chicago has subdued the salamander, its time to see the details. No other Henry Hering sculpture in the Chicago area relies so heavily on details and props. Anvil, jackhammer, pulley, beam, gear, gloves, leather aprons, straps, rivets and workshoes all help "tell the story." The combination of movement and strength is remarkable.    

A very nice description of this Bridge Tower can be found in "Chicago's Public Sculpture" by Ira J. Bach and Mary Lackritz Gray. Available at Amazon. Link HERE. Let me also plug my own book, "Chicago Figural Sculpture" also available (on sale) at Amazon. Link HERE.

In 1928 the generation that remembered the Chicago Fire was beginning to disappear.  This Memorial marks an end of History and the beginning of Legend.

I'll be away for a few days (up in the frozen north) but will return with a few final thoughts on the composition of Regeneraton.


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