HENRY HERING. Chronology of Work and Life

Henry Hering's contributions weren't limited to Chicago. Below is a general timeline/chronology of his life and work.
Born. New York City

Began Study at Cooper Union, New York
Student of Augustus Saint Gaudens
Student of Philip Martiny

1888.00.00 to 1891.00.00
At Saint Gaudens New York Studio

1891.00.00 to 1893.00.00
Columbian Expostion
Saint Gaudens. Columbian Exposition Artistic Advisor
Philip Martiny Fine Arts Building

1894.00.00 to 1898.00.00
Art Students League. New York

1898.00.00 to 1901.00.00
Ecole des Beaux Arts

1901.00.00 though 1907.00.00
Saint Gaudens Principal Assistant
Cornish Studios. Cornish, New Hampshire

Caryatids (under Saint Gaudens)
Albright Knox Museum
Buffalo, New York

Ten and Twenty Dollar Gold Pieces
(For Saint Gaudens.)

Bust of Saint Gaudens

Married Elsie Ward
(previously Saint Gaudens Assistant)

"Memory, Peace, Courage, Devotion"
Yale Civil War Memorial
New Haven Connecticut.

1919.00.00 "Relief Figures."
Federal Reserve Bank. (GAPW)
Kansas City, Missouri

1919.00.00 Garlanded Angels
Attic Figures
Museum of Science and Industry (Replacements)
Chicago, Illinois

1923.00.00 "Energy in Repose."
Federal Reserve Bank.(Walker & Weeks)
Cleveland, Ohio

1923.00.00 Elsie Ward Hering Dies.

1925.00.00 "Law." "Science" "Religion" "Education"
Civic Center (Walker & Weeks)
Indianapolis, Indiana

1928.00.00 "Defense" and "Regeneration"
Michigan Avenue Bridge. (1920) Edward Bennett
Chicago, Illinois
Gift of William Wrigley to the BF Ferguson Monument Fund

1928.00.00 "Olin Library"
Wesleyan University
Middletown, Connecticut

1929.00.00 Pro Patria
Indiana War Memorial, (Walker & Weeks)
Indianapolis, Indiana

1931.00.00 L'Allegro

1932.00.00 "Pere Marquette" (with Walker & Weeks)
Marquette Park.
Gary, Indiana

1932.00.00 Guardians of Traffic
Lorain-Carnegie Bridge (Walker & Weeks)
Cleveland, Ohio

1932.00.00 Pediment
Serverance Hall (Walker & Weeks)
Cleveland, Ohio

1932.00.00 Wood Nymph
Brookgreen Gardens
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

1934.00.00 "Abraham Lincoln"
University Park.
Indianapolis, Indiana

1945.07.28 B25 Bomber Crashed into Empire State Building
Wreckage fell into Hering's Studio below
The Waldorf. 10 East 33rd Street, New York.

Running Diana

American Eagle Book-ends

Died in New York City

The secret hidden in this list is how much Henry might have depended on Elsie Ward, who gave up her career to assist his during the years 1910-1923.

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