TRIBUNE TOWER. Rene Chambellan

New York Architects, Howells and Hood, won the 1922 Tribune Tower Competition, submitting the "MOST BEAUTIFUL OFFICE BUILDING IN THE WORLD." Below are two allegorical sculptures by Rene Chambellan that reside above the front entrance. "News" and "Rumor"

Chambellan's sculpture here is extensive. And it is "good stuff" (althought the word "BEAUTIFUL" may not apply). It hard to believe, though, that this is the same artist who worked on Rockefeller Center not so many years later, again, with Howells and Hood.

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  1. Thank you very much for publishing these marvelous photos! I am the grandson of Rene Chambellan and although you are understandably surprised by his gothic touch on this project he was a master of that art form before mastering the Art Deco style. I had the joy of finally visiting the Tribune building a few years ago but my skills as a photographer are severely limited. To be able to see the ornamentations close up and in such clarity is a real joy. You can see more of Rene's Gothic hand at Yale University as well as Northwestern, Princeton and Cornell among others. Thank you again for releasing these great photos!If you would like more information you can reach me at