A Line in the Sand


This blog will concern itself with Figural Sculpture in the heart of Chicago; in the area bound by North Avenue, Halsted Street, Twelfth Street and the Lake. A small area and a narrow interest. But with enough "material" to last a lifetime's study. And I'll have to admit that I didn't start nearly soon enough. Figural sculpture has a FACE. It is Architectural Ornament, a Monument that stands alone, or sometimes, exists as "just" Art. But it almost always, tells a story.

Life begins here in 1871. Old Saint Pat's, of course survived the Fire. And bits of St. James live in the church tower incorporated to the new Cathedral. But even the original Seal of Chicago was lost. (The Seal above, originally designed by Josiah Goodhue, William Ogden and Hiram Pearson shows 1905 revisions.) I am tempted to head a little south to 35th Street to Leonard Volk's Stephen A. Douglas memorial, begun in 1866, but will wait for the City to rebuild. On Wabash Avenue. In the Loop.

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